In-House Scent List 

       42:    While the answer to life, the universe and everything is generally acknowledged to be 42, there is nothing better than sitting back in a field and watching the clouds go by - grass, lilacs and sunflowers.  
       Abby Normal: When you're so ABnormal that you're normal, you might as well make Mel Brooks jokes. Black cherry spiked with chocolate and espresso beans: you'll never want to be NORMAL again.  
     Blue Teacakes: The masculine version of Pink Teacakes - our Teacakes scent mixed with blue sugar.  
      Bonkers But Brilliant: The long way about things, taking great care to pay attention to the details you don't think really matter... but always do. Incisive sweet fuji apple cut with purple sage and mint leaf; a full-bodied experience in internal monologue.  
       Captain Tightpants: Let's hear it for Malcolm Reynolds, the only Firefly captain out there who runs around in fake buckskin breeches. Earth That Was would be so proud, Captain Tightpants. Rice flowers, sandalwood, patchouli, and seasalt.  
       Conformity: The act of doing exactly what everyone else is doing. Being just like everyone else in the herd. Refusing to be different, and just being a sheep. This is the scent of creme brulee and cinnamon donuts - just like everyone else.  
       Dad's Clean Blend: My father asked me to create a clean cotton type of a blend that didn't punch his sinuses in and make him sneeze. You should've seen him smile when I got it right! This is the scent of cotton brushed with sea breezes, deep minerally sea salt and kelp notes, and just a touch of vanilla to round it out. NOT to be mistaken as a BBW seaside cotton dupe, this was available in our April 2014 mystery box as "Ocean Cotton".  
      Date Night: Sensual sandalwood dripping with deep, sweet honey.  
       Delight: Something so beautiful and happiness-inducing that it takes your breath away and forces you to smile - blackberry, violet, and a sharp underscore of key lime.  
       Dirty Girl: the scent so clean it's absolutely filthy; fresh linen and orange blossoms touched with white musk and sandalwood.  
       Diva: You know the type - the whiny bitch with her baby daddy drama and oh my god, I broke a nail, and like, those shoes are still $1500! Diva, drama, and whatever. Hell, even in the JJ Abrams version of the Star Trek universe, Spock is a drama whore: can't you just see him flouncing off with Uhura and Chekov to go get mani/pedis and bitch and moan and complain about how fucked up human emotions are and how hard it is to get green blood out of linen? Anyway, this scent is pink sugar and black coconut, a little bit off kilter and drama-tastic.  
      Dogged Brilliant Bitch: A moment of clarity when all your hard work pays off, even if it is the worst moment of your life and the worst work you will ever do. Red wine for blood spilt, full-bodied red rose to symbolize the broken hearts, and dark chocolate to heal the wounds you've inflicted on your lover's heart.  
       Drunk Photography: Because everyone wants to see your boobs - or your junk. Especially when it's sepia-toned. Wait, hold on, how about a random shaky shot of that ceiling fan? Have another one - a three olive gin martini with a twist of yuzu.  
       Drunk Status Updates: Ever been so drunk that you had to tell everyone just how drunk you were, where you got drunk, and who you were with when you got plastered? And why the hell do you have friends anyway - they just hog all the booze. Because, holy hell, who doesn't need another drink? The scent of comrades in drink: a pomegranate-lavender martini.  
       Drunk Texting: It's difficult to understand QWERTY keyboards when you're drunk. Damn autocorrect - I didn't really mean to text my dad... crap. The scent of a cucumber mojito that tipped the scales in favor of drunken textual mayhem.  
       Drunk Tweeting: 140 characters, alcohol, and a QWERTY keyboard... what could possibly go wrong? This is the scent of a coconut-mango mojito; and a hella possession of the ability to crunch down words into nonsensical letters.  
      Elementary: The game is afoot! Deep notes of a wood fire (replete with hints of fruit and smoke) mingled with Indian sandalwood.  
       Eloquence: An exercise in the art of smooth-talking that persuades without any effort at all - cashmere musk barely brushed with divine peach layered with honeyed amber.  
       England Would Fall: "If Mrs. Hudson ever left Baker Street, England would fall." A scent that is as quintessentially British as Mrs. Hudson, Baker Street, and Sherlock Holmes - tea and cakes with a beautifully rose perfume backdrop.  
       Femme Fatale: You know she's danger wrapped up in a pretty package, but her homicidal tendencies are going to knock you flat on your butt one of these days. This scent is all vanilla innocence, sandalwood seduction, and an undercurrent of spice that makes it anything but traditional.  
       Flights of Fancy: Fleeting moments of daydreams caught up in the blissful silence of your deepest soul's desires - a flash of bright tangerine with a hint of mellow blackberry.  
       Frankly, My Dear...: I don't give a flying fart in space. (This is so much better than "I don't give a damn", don't you think?) This scent is Rhett Butler at his most lecherous and appealing: Indonesian patchouli, sweet Egyptian amber, and a thread of sexy spices from Madagascar.  
       Freak Flag: Everyone has that one little thing that makes them just a bit weird/eccentric/freaky. (Okay, maybe a lot freaky.) So don't fight your Inner!Freak: embrace it and fly your freak flag proudly. My Freak Flag encompasses a sensible base of sandalwood and berries dipped in dark chocolate then drenched in champagne. Live long and prosper, my freaky bitches.  
      Gillian's Knickers: A sexy, playful look at sex as self-punishment and self-loathing. Frothy and sweet pink sugar mixed with vanilla orchid, sugar cane, coconut milk, and soft musk.  
       Glitter Sniffer: Glitter is the herpes of the crafting world. It gets everywhere. How many times have I woken up with glitter rings around my eyes for no good reason? Many, many times. This is my ode to sniffing glitter: effervescent sparkling herbal raspberry.  
       Hedonistic Self-Indulgence: Who doesn't like a good chocolate? It can only get better with a gooey, spicy caramel center. Indulge your need for the good stuff without all of the calories. Your thighs will thank you!  
       Hot Pink Serendipity: This is a wow, in your face punch of hot pink lime (tangerine, grapefruit & kaffir lime) and serendipity (coconut, cherry, almond & orange). One of my favorite combos, so very outspoken and bright - originally inspired by Lindsey Davis of Daphne's Divine Scents and Aromas.  
      I Aim to Misbehave: Mischief, mayhem, and brown coats... creamy, frothy vanilla bean noel and amaretto.  
       Innocence: The very concept of innocence as a thing that you can lose is an adult idea. Sugar, spice and everything nice, with a decidedly adult bent: brown sugar, nutmeg, and an anise chaser.  
       Insanitea: If insanity is hereditary, so also must be the love of tea - and liquor. Don't worry, we won't tell your therapist about the compulsion to run around naked with a tea cozy on your head. Or the fact that we <3 our tea a little too much around here. Tea, absinthe, mint, and hints of vanilla.  
       Insomniac: The smell of coffee drizzled with caramel, mixed with almond biscotti; the last thing you remember before getting so absorbed in a bodice-ripping romance novel before the alarm goes off at six.  
       Lustful Longings: It's only human to lust after those we find attractive. Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte went there - a lot. Pent-up desires and a need to express them can only lead to angst, epiphany, or oblivion, but still we have them anyway. This scent is a deep, rich sandalwood with dancing notes of Blue Sugar and Pink Sugar - the male and female coupled together in the profane and the divine.  
      M'Lady's Boudoir: A subtly sexy bedroom scent... white musk, soft ebony, a hint of vanilla orchid, sandalwood, and a breath of citrus.  
       Madman With a Box: Anyone who hangs out with me more than five minutes knows that I have an incurable love of Doctor Who. So what better way to salute my favorite show than a mix of blue agave, blueberry, lime, and freshly crushed peppermint candies? It's a little fruity, a lot crazy, and totally sonic. Who looked at a wax tart and though it could be a bit more sonic? This Whovian.  
       Mae West's Diamonds: Mae West was famed for her on-and-off-screen sexuality, best showcased by her stereotypical rags-to-riches, diamond-dripping characters. This is a sleek, sensually sparkling scent with surprisingly simple ingredients: musk and caraway.  
      Midnight Musk: a heady, deep musk with undertones of orris root, fern, geranium, and woods.  
       Momma's Little Helper: The housewives of the 50s had their uppers and downers and today's modern lady has Xanax and anti-depression pills. Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned denial drink? Slightly spiced sweet tea mixed with a hefty shot of bourbon to drown your sorrows.  
      Mr. Carson & Mrs. Hughes: Old boobies, the lot of 'em... tea and cucumber brushed with violets.  
       Not a Morning Person: Anyone who knows me knows that I can't communicate in the morning without coffee and time to reconcile my place in the universe (which is generally on the bottom of someone else's shoe - or it feels that way). Kick out the morning blues with this bright fresh mix of snickerdoodle latte and zucchini bread - sure beats the dollars spent at Starbucks!  
       Paper Fairies: "Real fairy" photographs were all the rage in the 1890s and early 1900s - but almost all of them were exposed to be trickery. We salute the imagination of the fraudsters with a warm fruity blend of pomegranate, citrus and berry.  
       Parasol: Keep the sun off your face in style! This parasol is also wonderful at dissuading unwanted suitors (and anyone else that might upset you or do you bodily offense). An unexpected blend of green fig and peach nectar covers the potentially lethal combination of femininity and strength.  
       Peacock Plumes: Instead of flowers or ribbons, why not deck your curled bob out with a peacock plume and rhinestone headdress? Yuzu and bamboo, tempered with teakwood and a hint of lemon - isn't that color just lovely with your eyes!  
       Pin-up Girl: From the girl next door to the vampy flash & glam, a pin-up girl was on every male mind from about the age of 8 till the age of 90. So show off your curves and put on some bright red lipstick and rock it! The scent of freshly baked almond cookies, a lemon sugar drizzle, and two perfect, lush, burgandy drops of black cherry to finish.  
      Pink Teacakes: A little girl's teaparty - pink sugar, tea, and golden cake.  
       PMS Relief: You know it's that time of the month when nothing but chocolate will do. The only thing that would make it better is a hot guy bringing you a chocolate cupcake. I can't deliver on that wish, but I can make you a chocolate cream cheese cupcake and sandalwood scent that will make everything better. You're welcome.  
       Pornography: Rule 34: if it exists, there is porn of it. Sometimes, the wrongest of the wrongs is the rightest of the rights. And how many times have you gone, "OMG WTF AM I WATCHING?" This is the scent of a dirty, dirty whore cupcake tainted with dragon's blood.  
       Pretty Boys in Eyeliner: There's just something kind of sexy about a boy in eyeliner. Is it the actual makeup itself, or the sexual ambiguity behind it? Or is it just damn hot? This scent is a sweetly masculine smell that will leave you questioning how much eyeliner is too much and how little is not enough.  
       Pride & Prejudice: I finally admit to being a girl and liking Jane Austen... but it doesn't hurt that Mr. Darcy is so brooding and sexy. Elizabeth Bennett is lucky to have found her match, and this scent celebrates her twisted love story with Mr. Darcy - linen, amber, sandalwood, and dusty, musky vanilla.  
      Regnum Defende: Defend the realm - strong base notes of dragons blood resin and patchouli wind together with English ivy to create a smokey, intense green incense.  
       Satin Sheets: Are your silk sheets in the dryer? Can't afford a set? Then satin is the way to go! This fragrance is a perfect counterpoint to our Silk Sheets: black coconut and Arabian sandalwood.  
       Seduction: Less than innocent furtive glances, stolen touches, brief kisses, and the less than faint breath of desire expressed in tones of Madagascar vanilla, a delicate breath of orchid and blondewood, and the warmth of cardamom and teakwood.  
       Serendipitous Bliss: Just inhale, exhale, and try not to smile - a smooth, sweet confection of Serendipity (coconut, cherry, almond & orange) mixed with minty buttercream.  
       Sex Kitten: For when you just need a little boost to remind you that you too can purr like a kitten, light this mixture of honeycomb, patchouli, and vanilla up and get busy!  
       Shemar Moore in a Towel: If you couldn't tell, I'm a huge fan of Criminal Minds, and I <3 Kirsten Vangsness and Shemar Moore. And Shemar Moore in a Towel. (Because I could make a million and one Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy jokes, and yet, somehow, I refrain.) And, let's face it, the man looks delightful in a towel. This scent is a clean, sexy, "TAKE IT OFF!" smell: patchouli, lemon curd, and a big, smutty shot of Blue Sugar. TAKE IT OFF. TAKE. IT. OFF! NO, SERIOUSLY - take it off, pleaaaase?  
       Shemar Moore in a Tux: Okay, by now, everyone knows all about my Shemar Moore fixation and it's become a joke. Well, laugh it up, because here's another drool-worthy scent, fit for a bow-tie and a party (private or otherwise): Blue Sugar, Arabian sandalwood, and champagne bubbles.  
       Shemar Moore in Black Boxers: I thought I'd died and the sight on my tv screen was my heavenly reward - but alas, I just had to hit the rewind button and replay it because I am a naughty, naughty girl. Blue sugar seduced by black amber and soft linen, and he can take those off too.  
       Shemar Moore on the Beach: There's nothing quite like Shemar Moore on the Beach: thank god. Blue Sugar, Arabian sandalwood, and a heavy, heavy wet aquatic backdrop.  
       Sherlocked: Even when you're a flipping genius, you sometimes need to stop, take a moment, and reach a higher zen-like state of deductive reasoning. This is a truly purifying, soft scent that reverberates zen - waterlilies, cherry blossom, golden musk, green tea, osmanthus, and peach nectar.  
      Stevie: An enigmatic mystery wrapped in an enigma, spiked with kebab grease and banana milkshakes, somehow there and not there in the same uncaring ways of the universe - pink sugar, white tea and ginger.  
       Silk Sheets: Forget silk stockings - any woman with a penchant for love knows that silk sheets are the way to go. The feeling of silk on bare skin is almost as sexy as this mix of musk, vanilla, and the most exquisitely soft cherry blossoms.  
       Still Not Ginger: What is the Doctor's fascination with gingers, anyway? Redheads aren't any better than - oh, wait. Yeah, nevermind. I forgot that gingers are mutants and abnormalities are what the Doctor thrives on. Duuuuuh, silly me. Get your non-ginger self perked up with this shamefully delicious mix of fizzy ginger ale, orange peel, and pink sugar.  
       Sugar Rush: Ever felt that low blood sugar feeling where you get tired and start snapping at everyone? Get this scent going and it'll go away! Coconut, almond, and hints of orange mixed with chocolate espresso and toasted marshmallow.  
       Sunshine: Some people smile and it's like a beautiful ray of sunshine, banishing all of the evil shadows and making everything right with the world again. This is a tribute to one of those beautiful smiles and the warmth that comes with it: white musk, peach nectar and lemon curd.  
       Tart: I can't believe it's really taken almost two years to create a signature scent for TTT! But, yes, it has, and it's a doozy. Get your inner bad girl flirt machine on with this mix of watermelon, bamboo, pink sugar and lemon, and put on your naughtiest pair of high heels and hit the town. Good girls always win, but bad girls have so much more fun losing.  
       Tease: Make a good cup of tea - vanilla tea and Moroccan mint - and show a little knee, ladies. Just don't get caught winking and blowing kisses at the married men.  
       Teatime With Mary Pickford: Old Hollywood's den of vice extended even to teatime. Instead of a nice darjeeling, partake of a cup of champagne cocktail that's ripe with mango juice and coconut milk.  
       The Sound of Drums: When you look into the time vortex, it looks into you. And sometimes, you'll go mad in the process. This is the scent of something so very familiar and yet slightly unhinged with insanity: serendipity (almond, coconut, and hints of orange) touched with the depravity of dragons blood resin.  
       The Woman: Seduction in high heels and a devious nature, lust wrapped up in a stunning package - her name spoken in hushed tones as "Irene". Sugar sweet honey underscored with smokey birchwood.  
       This One Time at Summer Camp: Formerly known as Suck It, BBW, this is the warm delicious scent of a fireside marshmallow melting party: twigs, leaves, berries, smoke, and toasted marshmallows. This is what Marshmallow Fireside from BBW wishes it could be.  
       Vampires Don't Fucking Sparkle: If something is so inherently morbid that it drinks blood, the idea that it also sparkles like an explosion of glitter is just fucking laughable. HA! HA! I laugh in your general direction and present you with this little scent composed of cabernet, patchouli, blackberry, and - wait, you have a little dribble of something there... wait. That's your self-respect. Nevermind.  
      Walk of Shame: A delightfully unexpected smutty mix of Bite Me (cherry and lime) and sea salt lotus. Originally created by The Wench and loved so much I borrowed it in a kind of permanent fashion with her permission.  
       Wanderlust: The restlessness of being stuck in one place for too long. Desire to travel, to escape. I reject your reality and substitute my own. The scent of desperation and peace - ocean waves, lychee, and coconut.  
      Yellow Teacakes: Our Teacakes scent mixed with the sweet and tart scent of lemon curd.  
       Zen: The art of putting into practice the ability to not punch a bitch in the face. Rosemary, mint, and honey-sweet lemongrass.