Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Two Timing Tart?

A: Because I am a facetious smart aleck with a twisted sense of humor.


Q: What type of wax and fragrance do you use?

A: We use soy  wax, and stabilized fragrance oils. If we use essential oils, we stabilize them in a carrier oil for at least 6 months before use. The reason for using fragrance and/or stabilized essential oils is the flashpoint of said oils: there's no reason for you to light a candle or heat up a wax melt and have it spontaneously combust in your face. We use soy wax because it is sustainable and does not carry quite the same risks as paraffin-based wax. If you are allergic to soy, please do not use our wax products!


Q: Where do you get your scent inspiration?

A: Sometimes, a scent comes to me fully-formed in my brain. Sometimes, there is a name but no scent. I also tend to go crazy and mix random things together.


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Since June of 2011. 2016 marks our 5 year anniversary!


Q: I don't like anything that you make: will you make me something special?

A: Generally speaking, if you don't like anything that I make, if I make you something special, you will still be unhappy with me. So... there are many other independent vendors who would be very glad to take your custom order.


Q: I want to make a custom order. How do I do that?

A: Very simply put, you can't make a custom order. You can email me and request that a specific scent be included in the next update, but as we are a ready-to-ship (RTS) business, custom orders don't mesh with my schedule or time constraints.


Q: That's not very nice!

A: Unfortunately, I work a full-time job and do this in my "spare" time. I am merely doing what meshes with my schedule and has worked for the last several years as far as ease of purchase and such.


Q: Can I add to my order after it's been submitted?

A: Unfortunately, not so much. I can combine shipping on multiple orders, but each order must be made individually (no additions). Consequently, if there is an overselling or inventory issue, I reserve the right to substitute an equivalent item and/or refund you the amount of the item(s) in question.


Q: Who are you?

A: I'm the Queen of Bloody Tarts. And I do as I like.